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e-Talent Management solution helps organisations to engage with its people at every stage, creating real business results. It helps to attract and acquire the best candidates - permanent and contingent - with a captivating, interactive experience fueled by pervasive video and empowering analytics. This software transforms performance and compensation processes into actionable, goal-oriented activities that drive engagement and employee morale.

Benefits of Talent Management Software

Talent management can be a discipline as big as the HR function itself or a small bunch of initiatives aimed at people and organization development. Different organizations utilize talent management for their benefits. This is as per the size of the organization and their belief in the practice.

Recruting - Right Person in the right Job

Through a proper ascertainment of people skills and strengths, people decisions gain a strategic agenda. The skill or competency mapping allows you to take stock of skill inventories lying with the organization. This is especially important both from the perspective of the organization as well as the employee because the right person is deployed in the right position and employee productivity is increased.

Retaining the top talent

Despite changes in the global economy, attrition remains a major concern of organizations. Retaining top talent is important to leadership and growth in the marketplace. Organisations that fail to retain their top talent are at the risk of losing out to competitors. The focus is now on charting employee retention programs and strategies to recruit, develop, retain and engage quality people.

Employee Development

Our e-Talent Management system have options for employee learning and development. It enables employees to take courses, develop skills and in some cases pursue certifications relevant to their professional development. TMS solutions also collect data on what skills an employee has and allows the HR team to assign training which the employee can then access from their personal profile.

Increase Employee and Manager Engagement

If you’re looking to increase engagement in your company, implementing a e-Talent Management system can help. The employee profile empowers employees and managers to interact with the employee’s professional career progression. Our e-Talent Management solution encourages them to invest in the organisation and align their daily work with the business goals while also focusing on their personal goals.

Management Features Of e-Talent Management Software

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