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Make the teaching process simpler and more transparent with Klearn School Automation Solution

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KLearn is a super intuitive and easy to use application which helps teachers and parents systematically track and better manage the educational progress of the students. The latest technology for child security and parent-teacher communication. Klearn is a comprehensive, technologically sophisticated and integrated solution which facilities seamless flow of information between teachers and pupil's parents

KLearn Features

KLearn is a comprehensive, technologically sophisticated and integrated application which automates several day-to-day activities and thus saves manual effort

Automated Attendance System

KLearn removes manual attendance using Bluetooth cards and notifies parents through the push notification. With one click, entire class attendance will be updated in app. Leave application can be submitted by parents through the app.

Online Fee Payment

Fee can be paid online thus providing convenience to parents. Timely reminders ensure that parents do not miss the deadlines

Priority Notification

Send priority notifications to parent's about fee payment deadlines and also send them timely reminders about other upcoming events at school

Performance Tracker

With KLearn's performance tracker feature, parents and Teachers can track historical student performance in exams and monitor thier progress anytime & anywhere

Homework and Task Scheduler

The task scheduler allows the teacher to schedule tasks, homework & assignments and notify the parets about the same through push notification. PDF and documents can be attached and sent to parents. Even during absence students can receive home work.

Results and Leave Application

Ability to check exam results and also apply for leave via the app.

Automated Evaluation

KLearn significantly reduces the effort that is needed from the teacher while evaluating the students’ answer sheets with the use of OCR.

Chat Option

KLearn provides chat option for both teachers and parents to converse about students and their educational progress without sharing private phone numbers.

Transport Tracking

KLearn significantly reduces the effort that is needed from the teacher while evaluating the students’ answer sheets with the use of OCR.

How KLearn helps each of the stake holders?

How does KLearn help Parents?

  • It helps parents get better visibility of their child’s activities at school.
  • The RFID attendance and GPS bus tracking system helps parents feel safe, knowing about the whereabouts of their child. With KNet, Parents are never left out of the educational process of their children

How does KLearn help the teachers?

  • Automated attendance system removes the need for manual attendance process
  • Reduces effort in communicating scheduled homework and assignments immediately to the parents.
  • The performance tracker helps teachers concentrate on students who really need their help. With KNet, Teachers can concentrate on their core teaching activity without other distracting clerical work

How does KLearn help the principal?

  • Helps the principal get instant and real-time information about the entire school’s operations
  • Realize faster fee payments from the parents through the periodical reminders sent to the parents app.
  • Better overall academic performance for the school. With KLearn, the Principal has a clear visibility of all the activities and performance of the school.

How does KLearn help the student?

  • It helps students get better academic results
  • Reduces the number of physical books which have to be carried to school through the use of digital resources
  • Interact with teacher, clarify doubts of nay subject with the respective staff at the time of need
  • E-Wallets eliminates the need for carrying cash