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Does your business have a mobile app? If No, then it means you are lagging behind your competitors. You might be on the track but missing out connecting your potential customers in a fast and convenient way. Mobile Apps are one of the best industry standard ways to attract potential customers. It might be one of the rewarding ways to leverage current market and be an upbeat business in your sector.

At eSolutions we have the expertise mobile app developers, who blends with the creative art of developing a mobile application, we thrive to provide your business with the best mobile experience as well as end user experience. We really believe this will give an edge over your competitors.

Key Offerings


Iphone App Development

We offer comprehensive iPhone application development services for businesses and startups to engage iPhone users effectively. Our team of iPhone app developers has extensive experience in managing the complete lifecycle of iPhone applications for global clients.

Android App Development

We Offer Custom Android App Development Services For Businesses & Startups To Engage Users Effectively. Finding a true partner that can provide expertise on mobile technology has become crucial for startups, large and small organizations across a wide range of businesses

Windows App Development

eSolutions offering best Windows phone app development services tailored to meet your business goals by strategic use of latest mobile technology/trends and rigorous market analysis. Our Windows Mobile team has got rich experience in developing applications

Technologies We help with Mobile apps

Native mobile apps are likely what come to mind when you think of apps. A native app is one that is developed to be ‘native’ to a specific platform: Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Windows Phone or (decreasingly) BlackBerry OS.

The principal advantage of a native app is that it optimizes the user experience; the app will operate more quickly because it’s been designed specifically for that platform. The principal disadvantage? If you wish to build and launch your app on more than one platform (e.g. a chat messenger) you almost need to start each one from scratch. Let’s look at each platform more closely.

What makes an app a hybrid? A hybrid app can be installed on a device like a native app can, but it runs via a web browser. These apps are built using a language called HTML5.

In 2012, HTML5 appeared to be the future of mobile; leading companies like Facebook, LinkedIn and Xero had jumped in and it was getting a lot of attention. The last year, however, has seen many of these companies ditch their existing HTML5 apps and start again with native apps. The reasons for this are simple—these hybrid apps are not as fast, reliable or smooth as native apps.

Augmented Reality has become one of the next big moves in the application sector. What we see surrounding us is the world in its most natural form and augmented Reality is exactly the opposite of the same. It is a dual mixture of digital and the real world that gives inception to the new world. What AR does is that it adds advancement to certain components like sound, picture & images, motion along with GPS data to make the view more alluring meanwhile informative. eSolutions leverages significant years of expertise in the latest trend of Augmented Reality app development for both the platforms. As one of the top AR application development company,.

Cross-platform mobile development can either involve a company developing the original app on a native platform (which could be iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry/RIM, etc.) or developing the original app in a singular environment for development that will then allow the app to be sent to many different native platforms. There are both pros and cons to cross-platform mobile app development. These tools are useful because they decrease costs and increase the speed at which apps are developed. In addition, cross-platform mobile development tools are generally quite simple to use as they are based off of the common languages for scripting, including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

M-commerce or Mobile e-commerce is next generation e-commerce. M-commerce is becoming the most preferable choice for online shopping, bill payments, movie ticket bookings, travel ticket bookings, retail transactions, information delivery, and a lot more other things.

At eSolutions we are helping small time eCommerce houses to big brands with an appropriate m-commerce solution, either on the top of their existing eCommerce website or as a separate offering. We offer highly specific m-commerce solution in the form of either a mobile app or a mobile website. We have a vast experience in converting many brick and mortar shops into m-commerce centric hubs, as well as converting many legacy eCommerce websites into exciting m-commerce solutions, providing solutions for both: beginners and the experts

We develop customized and customer-centric applications that run flawlessly on wearable devices including smartwatches and glasses. Our developed wearable apps are helping enterprises and individuals in getting customized, business-aligned and user-centric solutions.

Being an Innovation and design led organization, eSolutions is all set and prepared to work with the passionate entrepreneurs, start-ups and big brands to develop applications that leverage wearables.