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A comprehensive online container tracking solution to suit your shipping & Cargo needs

Our e-Container tracking application is advanced and adaptable which we can integrate multiple location of booking, container movements, bill of lading, invoicing, cargo arrival notice and many more. Our e-Container Tracking System provides your company with a Global Transportation Management system that ensures your shipments are handled efficiently and cost-effectively. Our logistics software solution allows your business to handle the unique demands of a Internationwide delivery management process. We’ve designed a complete delivery management system featuring powerful delivery and freight logistics software, capable of handling even the most congested order and fulfillment queues.

Benefits Of Our Logistics Software

  • Reduced Operational Expenses- Efficient use of space and labor also reduces waste, It can calculate the optimum location for each item to ensure that the use of space is balanced against the pick and put-a-way effort.
  • Search by shipment number - Customers can log into an online portal for real-time visibility into their shipment status. They can either search for information by shipment number, or they can request automatic proactive updates at key times, such as when items are picked up.
  • Better Balanced Inventory - Ensuring inventory is stored in the proper environment and used in the best order helps to minimize scrap, waste, and obsolescence. Improved record accuracy allows you to minimize safety stock
  • Automate communication technologies - Logistics management software communicates between the warehouse and accounting departments and allows for the delivery of timely updates to the customer.
  • Optimize transportation - The rising cost of transportation accounts for increased prices in virtually every industry. To reduce transportation costs, companies should examine every factor that might increase or decrease expenses.
  • Trading Partner - Improves trading partner relationships with effective collaboration.

Management Features Of e-Container Tracking Software

Modules of our e-Container tracking System

Admin Master Modules

  • Container Master
  • Yard Master
  • Shipper Master
  • Vessel Master
  • Container Master
  • Slat Master
  • Commodity Master
  • Port Code Master
  • User Adminstration
  • Location Master

User Modules (Export)

  • Booking Module
  • Container Pickup Module
  • Invoicing Module
  • Reports

User Modules (Import)

  • Cargo Arrival Notice (BL Format)
  • Delivery Order + Invoice
  • Warehouse Module
  • Container Movement Update
  • Final Invoice (Damage)