Our Approach

    As a value-driven company, our team keep track and measure every aspect of our work to ensure quality output and products delivery on time and on budget. As our client make Investment on our solutions, we ensure them quality product and enhance their ROI thru our BI analysis.
  • Thinking and execution
    At eSolutions we encourage to think more deeply and systematically to develop business strategy solutions for our client’s business. Our approach tends to be more analytical, able to make draw sound conclusions and make excellent strategic choices that will accelerate business growth. Our client’s love this process, because we think for them to provide the best for them.
  • Guaranteed value.
    The philosophy of value-driven solutions always provide our customers a guaranteed success by achieving their targeted goals and ROIs. Our robust strategy ensures you benefit from a clear near-shoring strategy, which combines on agility with a remote cost savings for the company.

Software Development Methodologies

Lean Methodology

As a Lean Software Development is also one of the parts of eSolutions, we understand our customer value and focuses on its key processes to continuously improve it. Our team’s learning and improvements are built along the way as we code our software solutions. This methodology saves our customers money and creates better experience for their users as well.

Agile Methodology

The agile methodology is essentially a variable cost model, by design. It allows for continuous improvement as the project progresses. This method is more suitable for businesses with dynamic and rapidly evolving requirements

Waterfall Methodology

The traditional waterfall model is a low risk, fixed cost approach that is best suited for projects with budget constraints and rigid set of requirements. Through an iterative, collaborative process, the requirements are gathered early on in the project. .

Extreme Programming

Extreme programming is the best choice when your client is not sure of what his system must do. You may have a system whose functionality is expected to change every few months. In many software environments dynamically changing requirements is the only constant.

Need to develop Web Application or Mobile Application